How long will it last?

This depends on the amount and type of trafficking. It also depends upon the quality grades of material selected. Rubaroc has Australian installations that are now in excess of 21 years old.

What colours does it come in?

Rubaroc Australia has 22 individual colours - locally developed to perform under the harshest Australian conditions. We have 100s of options for tailored blends and designs.  Rubaroc has the ability to make a specific colour for you.

What do you pour it over?

For optimum performance it is essential that the sub base should be dry, stable, clean and fully "cured", on compounds of concrete, brick, asphalt and or soft sheet. Soft fall products can be based upon concrete and or modified porous stabilized crushed rock compounds.

How long does it take to install?

Installation depends upon the area, profile selected and the prevailing weather conditions. Pavement surface jobs between 50-150sqM can usually be completed in 1 day. Soft fall surfaces will usually take 2 days.

Do weather conditions have a bearing?

Yes, extreme weather conditions can most definitely effect product results. Rubaroc experienced staff will remove any doubt, regarding weather through our objective measurement systems.

How long is your warranty?

Rubaroc provides a 2 year warranty on product material quality and a 2 year guarantee on workmanship. Under specific circumstance extended warranties may apply.

How thick do you pour your rubber?

Rubaroc's rubber profiles/thicknesses are totally dependent upon the customers requirements, desires and end use. Due to our extensive experience we can advise on the most efficient and economical profile to deliver optimum results.  More is not necessarily best.

Installation Types: pool decks, pavements (driveway)-(pourous and non-pourous floors) or play soft fall.

(a) Pavements range  (6mm - 12mm) thick
(b) Soft Fall (25mm-120mm) thick

Do you travel interstate?

Rubaroc Australia has always prided itself as being a total solutions provider to our local, intrastate and interstate clients. Our teams are fully equipped, well experienced and flexible enough to travel widely - Victoria, Interstate and Internationally.

Can you coordinate the entire project?

With over 21 years experience in Australia, Rubaroc has gained an enviable reputation for the coordination of all facets of the project. Either working as the main contractor or successfully installing within a project team (builder). Overtime we have developed numerous contacts of supportive sub contractor specialist to work with our teams.

Good value for money: Customers will always tell us what they believe they want, however with 22 years experience we often have to steer the customer in the right product direction.