Technical Information

Granular Recycled Rubber Flooring and accessory materials shall be produced as Rubaroc Pty Ltd (Australia).


A:  Granules: Pure vulcanised S.B.R or E.P.D.M rubber chips ranging in size from large: 1mm to 4mm dimension to small: 0.5mm to 1.5mm dimension.
B: Matrix: Resin, modified apoxy or alaphatic systems: Aromatic Isocyanate or modified epoxy.
C: Primer: Resin thinned with acetate.
D: Finish coatings: Polyurethane.
E: Finishes:
(1) Natural:
The finish produced by trowelling = Phase 1
(2) Mastic:
The finish produced by the application of a fine granule/resin to a dried natural surface = Phase 2

A: Rubaroc Australia has developed a customized preparation process that eliminates the challenges of moisture retention in concrete surfaces.
B: Install forming and screeds as required.
C: Roll onto substrate surface one coat of primer 2mm thick.

Mixing/Application: Mix the selected colour formula with resin in a non-porous container at a resin-to-granule ratio which will assure complete coverage of each granule. Trowel mixture onto primed substrate to a uniform thickness and finish shown on drawings.
(On projects for which no drawings are involved, the thickness of the finished surface should be included in this paragraph. Manufacturer's recommend thickness 6mm-8mm ).

Protecion: Erect barricades and screens as required to prevent inadvertent pedestrian traffic on finished floor surface for a period of 24-48 hours.

Tests and Results:

Staining Test: Canine urine was applied over a 180 mm circle of Rubaroc and allowed to dry for 48 hours. This stain was removed with cold water. No hand scrubbing or cleaning was required after air drying for 24 hours, there was no staining observed by the technician.  Result=Pass

Hardness: ASTM. D-2444                           94.0% recovery    Result=Pass
Water Absorption: ASTM D-530               +6.5%                     Result=Pass
Hydrolyptic Stability ASTM D-3137          -21.5%                   Result=Pass

Ultraviolet Resistance ASTM D750
Hardness:                            95.0%
Water Absorption             +508%
Hydrolytic Stability          Excellent
Fungal Resistance            No Growth
Bacterial Resistance         No Growth

Quality Assurance:

Installer Qualifications: Rubaroc Australia are very proud to have trained our installation staff to install our product to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions, e.g: extreme summer temperatures and variable winter conditions. Rubaroc Australia have installation staff that have been with the company for over 21 years.

Samples for Verification Purposes: Submit a 10cm square sample, hand trowelled, of each solid and variegated colour which will demonstrate a resilient, even and compacted flooring material.

Manufacturer: Will provide requested samples of rubber granules and will mix samples based on percentage of different coloured granules requested by Architect. Manufacturer will submit 10cm x 10cm samples of floor colour selection.

Maintenance Instruction: Rubaroc Australia is a specialist in local conditions. With over 21 years experience in dealing with adverse weather conditions we have the local knowledge and experience to provide a premium product for your peace of mine and satisfaction.

Delivery, Storage and Handling: 1) Deliver materials in new, unopened containers with intact, factory applied labels. 2) Store materials to comply with manufacturers directions to prevent deterioration from moisture, heat, cold, direct sunlight or other causes.